Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Glam Guide By Fleur De Force Book Review

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Fleur De Force is one of my favorite Youtuber. So when she announced that she'll be releasing The Glam Guide, I was beyond ecstatic! The only problem is, it's so hard to get hold of the book here in the Philippines! And luckily for me, it was available when I checked it from National Bookstore on my birthday. You can only imagine my happiness!!!

The Glam Guide brims with tips and advice for every girls who looks forward in looking chic and stylish. From make-up, to fashion, travel, you name it! I am not the type of girl who wears full make up on a daily basis but the world of make-up and cosmetics fascinate me.  That's why I'm glad when she discussed about make up must-haves, the perfect ways on how to choose the correct foundation and the right make-up brush to use. Fleur also tackles about the perfect shade of eye shadow to use to match your eye color. But of course let's not forget the topic about skin care and the chemicals and parabens to avoid when choosing your skin products and cosmetics.

I love that she emphasized to stick with classic pieces when it comes to your wardrobe essentials. And I totally agree with her when she mentioned to take your time when choosing the perfect pair jeans.  I am  salesperson's nightmare when it comes to jeans but you know, every girl needs to get the perfect fit!

But most importantly I love how she discussed about body image, self confidence and being positive. I strongly agree with her. I believe that everything will follow if you're confident about yourself. I used to compare myself with other people and it is frustrating. I realized that other people's success shouldn't be the yardstick of my own. It's my life anyway. Don't let other people's opinion define yours.

I won't get tired of buying these types of books. I bought my copy from National Bookstore and hopefully it is still available. It costs P799.00. The pages are filled with nicely drawn illustrations and photos and the topics are properly organized.  I highly recommend The Glam Guide if you're looking for some tips and advice on how to be perfectly chic. And I assure you, you won't regret buying it!

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