Saturday, 10 October 2015

3D Nail Stickers From Girl Stuff!!!

I've been M.I.A. these past few months and I know it's too cliche if I tell you I'm busy. I feel a bit guilty since I consider this little space in the interweb my baby (BAE!) but I'm neglecting it in the past few months. My blogging notebook brims with ideas to post but I am a bit demotivated to post it all. Anyway, I decided to resurrect myself and think of the things that make me happy: chocolate, lipstick and anything nail related. And you know how I love nail art!

Nail Art, Nail Stickers, Nail Polish, Nails, Beauty,

I recently purchased these 3D nail decals or nail stickers from Girl Stuff. Each case costs only P80, not bad for these super duper chic nail decals. They are sorted based on a theme: fruits, butterflies, sweets, florals and gem studs! It's so cute!!! These are perfect accent to your regular nail polish and it can give an oomp!!! to your nail art creations! 

Nail Art, Nail Stickers, Nail Polish, Nails, Beauty,
Glam Guide by FleurDeForce at the background!

These babies are easy to apply. You can use nail glue but if it's not available, you can use your regular white glue like Elmer's but make sure that the glue is a bit tacky before application. You can also try using your clear nail polish. These nail decals are delicate so don't forget to use tweezers! 

Nail Art, Nail Stickers, Nail Polish, Nails, Beauty,

The possibilities are endless with these nail stickers. I think it's a must-have for every nail art fanatic. There's no need for you to be a nail expert in order to use it. In fact it can make you look like one. I am looking forward in using all of these. And will I definitely repurchase? Definitely YES!!!!!

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