Monday, 9 February 2015

What's In My Bag?

What's inside my bag

If you'll check my 'Most Viewed' list in Youtube, you will  discover that I love watching 'What's in my Bag/Purse?' videos. They say that the bag and whatever comes with it describes the owner's personality. That's the reason why I love snooping  on to my favorite Youtubers' bags! I used to bring the whole house but I realized that it's impractical and makes my bag a lot  heavier! So I decided to bring only those that matter.

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What's inside?
  • Phone. I am someone who can't live without my phone. I used it listen to my favorite music, read ebooks if I'm on the go, or take pictures. And I'm currently addicted to Farmville! It makes me connected (Twitter and Instagram). I reactivated my Facebook because of Messenger, I rarely check my newsfeed though.
  • Notebook and a pen. For notes, blog ideas, and budgeting purposes. There's something about notebooks and pens and I can't make myself get rid of these babies.
  • Wallet.  For ATM cards, money, receipts and housekey.
  • Emergency Pouch. I want to say 'Make Up Bag', but it's more of emergency pouch for me. I'll be posting what's inside within the week. 
  • Umbrella. I hate Manila's ever changing weather. The sun's up in the morning but it rains in the afternoon.
  • Gum. It's actually an empty gum container where I place my P1000 bills.=)
  • Earphones and Work ID. Not in the picture but equally important.
What about you? What's inside your bag?

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