Thursday, 7 March 2013

Quitting Facebook

If you're my friend in facebook or twitter, you probably know that I recently deactivated my facebook account. So you won't be able see my face in your facebook news feed (though I rarely post any updates/status), you won't be able to send me message, and you won't be able to stalk me (haha). You might think that I'm being the least sociable person on earth, the anti-social.

NO!!! That's not true! If you'll check my sidebar, I have twitter, tumblr, instagram and this blog. I think I have joined too much social networking sites and I need to deactivate one of them. But what made me quit facebook? You might think I've gone bonkers to choose facebook, not twitter or tumblr or this blog. Facebook is the most accessible! Here's my list to justify why I quit facebook:
  1. There are a lot of people whom I don't know personally who send me personal messages. It creeps me  out big time! 
  2. Being harassed by 'stalkers' is the worst thing ever! 
  3. I don't like being tagged to things that I'm not associated with, like product promotions, WITHOUT my permission. (Though I used to manage and review the posts before they appear on my wall.)
  4. I got sick of people posting about their life on facebook as if it's their diary. Don't hate me on this but I have some friends who share a LOT of personal info about themselve. I know it's their facebook but it's appearing on my news feed. I also have some friends who love to share emo stuff without thinking that their negativity might affect others (Yes! I'm greatly affected as you can see.)
  5. I hate seeing 'friends' who love to show off on facebook. I don't care if you have a new bag. As if you bought it with with your own money.
  6. Fake likers and fake friends that I 'accidentally' accepted.
  7. My friends who never get tired of shipping me to my ex. It's so old school and it's been half a decade already since our break up. I hate it when they pair me back to him. I think they don't know the word respect.
I know it's a tough decision to quit facebook. You might also think that I could easily unfriend  and filter what I'm seeing on my news feed, but there's a lot them. I'm too lazy to filter them all. I am not advocating  to ban facebook but be careful of what you share and control what will appear on your profile.  And lastly, to my facebook friends, you won't be missing me after all. I have twitter and this blog. =D

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