Friday, 15 March 2013

Please Follow My Blog on Bloglovin' or Add Me in Google+

I read a note from Bloglovin' that Google Reader is shutting down on 1st of July. Well, I primarily use Google Reader (GFC) to follow blogs but if you're a bit worried that you won't be able to follow your favorite blogs anymore, we still have an option!

We have Bloglovin'! If you're my follower via BL, thank you so much! But if you haven't followed my blog yet but you already have a BL account, please import ALL of the blogs you follow from Google Reader  (GFC) or you can click the button below and then follow. 

Follow on Bloglovin

You can also add  me to your circles in Google+  or in Twitter (please check my blog's sidebar) so you will still be able get updates. I don't know what's with Google Reader and they decided to shut down. It really makes me sad. =(

Lastly, I'm thankful for your continued support and  I greatly appreciate your effort to read my blog. More posts to come! 

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