Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My 2013 New Year's Resolutions

Welcome 2013!!!! Goodbye 2012...

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When I was in second grade, on our first day of school after Christmas break, our homeroom adviser asked us what's our new year's resolution would be. I said "I want to be a good girl", and you know what her reaction was? A smirk, given to an eight year old! That was actually the first time I made a NYR and that was her reaction. And yes, you're right, I was never a good girl on that year, it's otherwise.

A bad memory on how NYRs started for me.

I have a lot of goals that I wish to accomplish  before the year ends. But it won't materialize if I don't have realistic resolutions. And to give 2013 a fresh start, here's my list:

I've gain a couple of pounds last year, due to chocolate and my love for anything deep fried, plus I was always hooked to my laptop, and have neglected doing anything more physical to burn taba. I wish to find a decent gym with with, ahem, cheap membership registration fee. My apartment's location is a way too far from places like parks so I can jog. That's why going to the gym is the best option to burn fats FAST.

I want to open up a savings account and double up my savings. I wish to lessen my shoe purchases (except for the gym shoes that I'm planning to buy) to fatten my savings. And to be more practical when it comes to buying things. I know I can buy a pants in a cheaper deal at bazaars and department store end of the season sale with the same quality. You just need to be patient finding the real deal!

I have a tendency to be pessimistic most especially when it comes to my own capabilities. I tend to think that I won't be able to do certain things. I'm also a bit of a worrywart. I need to have an "I CAN DO IT!" mindset.

This year, I plan to do things that I haven't done before like dying my hair. Not anything major since for this resolution, I need to do it one step at a time. I also have to be more sociable and initiate conversation if it is needed. I am also planning to say goodbye to my college tshirts and say hi to dresses, laces  AND heels!

These are my new year's resolutions. Hopefully I'll be able to do it through out the whole year. I have a lot of  things in mind but these are the primary things not just the ones that are on top of my head.

How about you, have you set yourself a new year's resolution too?

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