Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bibimbap, anyone???

I shared the same photo on my Instagram!
I'm into Korean movies as of this moment and it ticked my interest to Korean culture. I want to be the 'fifth' member of 2NE1, marry Lee Min Ho, learn the language and feast myself to traditional Korean food. One food that took my fancy is bibimbap. I know you're thinking that I should draw more to kimchi knowing it's Korea's national food (according to Wikipedia) but I like bibimbap more! 

Bibimbap is a mixed rice dish served in a hot plate or bowl. Warm rice is topped with veggies, meat and egg. I like my egg a bit raw, but don't worry, the hot plate or the sizzling bowl (or dolsot) will be able to cook the egg as you stir all the ingredients (as you can see on the above photo of my bibimbap). I like to mix a bit of kimchi  on it (what??kimchi on rice?) and two spoonfuls of gochujang (a chili peper paste). It's a bit spicy but it makes the food more appetizing! Next time, I want less rice (half a cup please) for more healthy option. Eating unfamiliar dishes also means getting out of my comfort zone which is included on my New Year's Resolutions

Next time I'll try bulgogi (with soju, mmm). But how about you, what's your  favorite Korean dish? Y

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