Tuesday, 20 November 2012

NOTD (Nail Art)

A picture of my nail art of the day. Sorry for the crappy photo. From left to right: 

Red flowers/vine in white background: Paint your nails using white nail polish. Using a toothpick or a small brush, draw a green vine across your nail. Dot some red and green polish randomly on the vine and you're finish. Apply top coat to protect nails. 

Sunset: This one is a bit tricky. Apply yellow polish on the upper part of your nail and red at the bottom. Using a sponge and a tweezer, dab an orange polish between the two colors. Draw an imaginary horizon and a coconut tree using a black nail polish. Dry for 5mins and apply top coat.

Snowballs at night: Paint your nails black. Draw snow using a toothpick or nail dotting tool and a white nail polish. 

Yellow-Striped Magenta Nail: Apply violet, magenta or burgundy nail polish. And paint yellow vertical/horizontal stripes using a striper brush.

Galaxy Nails in Red: Paint your nails red and top off with glittery nail polish.


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