Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Top 3 Scary Movies

It's Halloween!!!! I've read blogs and watched videos about Halloween make up and costumes and I'm so thrilled to try one of them and show it here on my blog. But the side of my brain that holds the creative and imaginative torch is currently on its hibernation phase just like some animals during the winter. So  I decided to share my three top scary movies instead. I've watched loads and I'm not the one who easily get scared but these three movies freaked the hell out of me. I will not discuss the story line (there's internet and youtube baby) but here it is in no particular order:

1. The Ring 

I like the Japanese version more than the American one. After watching the film, I can't bring myself to watch  the TV alone for a week. Sadako getting out of the TV screen is a nightmare!

2. Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara (1995)

I was in grade school the first time I watched this. The dollhouse scene with Dawn is the scariest part which I'm afraid to watch alone until now. And this is my favorite Halloween movie.

3.  Insidious

The sound effect is scary. The old lady is scary. The little boy is scary. Everything is scary! There's  a lot of hair-raising scene you can get a heart attack!

How about you? What are your favorite Halloween/scary movies?

All photos are from Google images.

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