Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Etude House | Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop

If you are having problems drying your freshly painted nails, Etude House is here to rescue you with its Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop. This is my very first quick dry solution so I am so excited owning it!

First off, the packaging is so cute! Actually it was the pink-white box that caught my attention and I was like 'Whatever's inside this box, I need to buy it!' Yes, I am that shallow. I am always victimized with beautiful and cute packaging. If you're in advertising and you want to sell your crappy product to me, bring on the cute packaging and there's an 80% probability that I'll buy your product. And upon opening the small box, I was like:  (O_O)

 'OH MY GADD!!! It's so effing cute!!!!

The glass bottle is so small (the height is almost the same as my pinky finger), enough to hold a 10ml quick dry solution. It comes with white rubber bulb and glass dropper. The bulb will help you 'drop' the solution in a precise manner into your nails. See where that arrow's pointed at? I know it's not that clear, but it's a stopper that gives you the right amount to apply.

The product is so effective. It dries my polish fast (it should be!). It also protects your nail polish from chipping. One thing that I don't like about the product is its lingering faint kerosene smell. Most people found this odorless but since I have strong olfactory perception, I can easily detect its smell. It can also be messy at times, you need to wipe the excess around your nails using wet wipes or tissue. It is also a bit expensive for a small 10ml bottle: PhP228.00. But  product effectiveness (and cuteness): 10/10.

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(I might also post an individual swatches of my Etude House Nail Polish that I reviewed here.)

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