Monday, 12 November 2012

Dealing with Pushy Sales Assistants

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Have you ever experienced shopping and sales assistants won't leave you alone? I mean they tail you all the time and you can no longer concentrate if you're going to buy the product or not. I know they are trying to be nice and polite to make a sale but sometimes, they are over the line and too pushy.

Last Saturday, I went to the nearest Department Store to buy a new bag (my old bag looks ratty and needs to resign). I was looking for a nice big yellow bag and there were two bags that caught my eye. They are of different brands so it means different sales assistants. I totally love both bags but the major deal breaker were the sales ladies. Sales Lady A kept on tailing me while I am checking the other designs. I said 'I'm OK' but she didn't seem to get that I don't want to be tailed at. She kept on saying 'Anu pong design? Ibang color po available.' I know the bags came in different colors and designs, there's a big sign on the shelf. On the other hand, Sales Lady B just smiled at me and told me to get her attention if I want to purchase the bag she's assigned to. Sales Lady B won!


Because I wasn't pressured and obligated to buy the bag. I don't know what's with pushy sales assistants but they make me feel that I am obliged  to buy the clothes or whatever I tested/tried. If they are a way TOO pushy and unbearable after telling them 'I am just looking..', I usually leave the shop/stall right away. I know it's rude but they also need to understand that they CAN'T make a sale if they are making customers uncomfortable. I know their job is hard but they also need to consider what their customers feel.

I know this is a bit one-sided, on a customer's point of view. But how do you deal with pushy sales assistants?

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