Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cam Whoring Smile (Teeth or Without Teeth?)

Do you love to cam whore but you don't know whether you'll show your teeth or not when you smile in front of the camera? For others, they might find this shallow but if you like intagram and facebook and you love posting your pictures, this post (I think) will help you solve your cam whoring dilemma.
This is my with and without teeth smile insta photo:

Smile with your teeth showing if you have a perfect set or your teeth looks good on you. If you have braces  and you're comfortable showing it, go ahead. It's still up to you. BUT if you have plaque infested teeth, forget it. It will just make you look stupid. Everytime I smile with teeth, I move my face  (which I purposely didn't do in the picture)  slightly sideways so that my round-Judy Ann-face is not that obvious. Yes, smiling with teeth makes my face wider. But you need to smile with teeth whether you're wide-faced or not if you want to have a light and happy ambiance in your picture. You also need to stick your tongue at the back of your teeth so that your smile looks natural.

On the other hand, you can opt the 'toothless-slightly-smiling' look  if you want to portray that mysterious Mona Lisa smile and you want to have the world guess what's going on in your mind or if you want to look shy or timid in your photo. You can smile without showing your teeth if you're not comfortable showing it or you want it to be your trademark. I site one of my favorite blogger Tricia Gosingtian for her no-teeth trademark smile (but you can still see her smile with teeth in some of her photos). Try not to do that Olsen smile (I call it duck smile), it looks FAKE. It only looks good on Mary-Kate and Ashley and it's their trademark. NOT YOURS. You can also try Tyra Bank's technique of smizing: smiling with your eyes.

The key on how to get that perfect smile in your photos is PRACTICE. Utilize that digital camera of yours! And even though smiling with teeth looks perfectly good on you but you're not comfortable doing it, you can either practice, practice and practice and get used to it or you can opt not to smile with teeth in your cam whoring pic forever. It's still up to you. Go with whatever makes you comfortable!


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