Monday, 29 October 2012

Non-Sense Photo Dump x Kamay ni Hesus

Last Saturday, we went to Taytay Falls (it's in Laguna, near Majayjay I think). It was raining mad and I thought it won't stop. Fortunately, upon our arrival, the sun was already half-shining, too bad I forgot to bring swimming shorts so all I can do was dip my feet (ankle-deep)  into the freaking cold water. Going to Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon was not on our plan, and that explains our outfit. hehe. It's actually along the way going back home.  Most of my photos were taken there. Here are the shots:

1. Souvenir necklaces from Taytay Falls.

2. Group shot before entering the shrine.

3. Bahay Kubo

4. Noah's Arc/ playground at the foot of the shrine.

5.  Souvenir shot of Noah's Arc.

6. Adam and Eve.

7. Last Supper

8. View from the top. pt1

9. View from the the top. pt2.

10. Comic group shot

11. View from the top. pt.3

 12. Calvary

13. Group shot. Finally reached the 'summit'.

12. View from the top. pt.4

13. View from the foot of the shrine.

14. The sun still half-shining.

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