Monday, 22 October 2012

Advice For My Teenage Self

I watched a video on Youtube about this 'Advice For My Teenage Self' tag and I found it cool so I decided to make a post out of it. It is divided into three parts: 3 beauty/fashion DO's, 3 beauty/fashion DON'Ts, and tips regarding school, fun and friends. 

An ice cream before we start:


3 Beauty/Fashion Do's:
  • Sleep. Get more sleep. PLEASE. I blame myself for not getting enough even though I knew SLEEP will help me grow taller. Arrggh!!!
  • Try to wear socks after putting emollients on your legs. It will help in sealing moisture.
  • Wear clothes that suit your age. You're not yet thirty honey.
3 Beauty/Fashion Don'ts:
  • Dispose that eye liner. It's not cool. That emo-look sucks on you teenage Hjamnette. Trust me.
  • Stay away from the sun. Too much sun exposure causes pre-mature aging and skin cancer. Trust mom and listen to her. 
  • Throw away that flared elePANTS. Burn them.PLEASE.
TIPS: School
  • Take BS Development Communication as your course in college. Math is your waterloo as well as Chemistry so don't take Food Technology. 
  • Never cram. It will never help during exams. 
  • Instead of taking Business/Basic Computer in high school's Technology and Home Economics class, take Dressmaking or Culinary Arts. It will be more helpful ten years from now.

TIPS: Fun and Friends

  • Don't be afraid to try new things. Get out of your comfort zone without sacrificing your morals. You're too uptight.
  • Be more assertive on choosing FRIENDS (acquaintance is different from a friend fyi). Not all of them are as good as you think. Learn who to trust. Two-thirds of them will betray and hurt you.
  • Smile more often. It doesn't cost you a penny. Besides it adds beauty. chos! 
I have a lot of advice to my teenage self actually but listed above are just the major things I would tell her. I wish there's a time machine which will help me go back in time and give these advice (as well as the rest in my head) to the teenage me. I've done a lot of mistakes but it helped me for who I am today. Teenage life gave me the worst and best experience in life. It's totally unforgettable and unforgivable at the same time. xx

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