Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Zayn Malik Desktop Wallpaper

Yes, I share the love for One Direction. Yeah,  fangirl mode. But I don't consider myself a hardcore Directioner.  I love their music and all of them are eye candy. As of the moment, I like Zayn. So I made him my desktop wallpaper to serve as my 'inspiration' lol. And I wish I could have his long lashes! Other thing I like about Zayn is he has this James Dean-bad-boy-Hollywood appeal. He sports a lot of tattoos (not bad).

My love for One Direction reminds my of my craziness over Backstreet Boys when I was in gradeschool. I want to marry Nick then. I even got their albums recorded in a cassette! So 90's!

How about you? Who is your favorite One Direction member?

Disclaimer: The Zayn Malik photo is not mine. Thank you Google images.

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