Friday, 3 August 2012

"Things to Achieve" Report

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Remember I posted things that I need to achieve for the month of July, where you can find here. Now, I want to give a FULL report (ahem) of what i achieved (so far).

Exercise.  I manage to walk form work. ONCE. Not quite an achievement I know. I hate this weather. How can you go to work walking with this heavy rain?

Cook. I was able to bring my own lunch at work. Yay!! And also I was able to try a new creamy chicken  recipe that I got from youtube. I altered the recipe to suit my own liking. Will post about the recipe soon.

Take some pictures.  I've got new pictures and I'll post some of it soon!

Clean the apartment. I just did a normal cleaning. Not an overhaul. 

Buy a book. I haven't purchased any. Only my monthly subscription to Cosmo and OK!

Post a blog regularly. Yes to this!!!! (I think..)

Watch a movie. Amazing Spider Man. And Step Up.

So now, let's welcome August!!!!

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