Saturday, 18 August 2012

Etude House Apricot Stick

Another lippie! Yay! I really love Etude House (mainly because of the store's ambiance I guess). I bought this one together with the nail polish which you can find here.  Apricot Stick is a selection of tinted lip balms. Great for lip balm lovers who want a hint of color. I chose #1. It has a yummy strawberry candy scent and taste. I think this a 'baby' version of lipstick or the real thing. When I was in high school, I was prohibited to use lipstick because that's for the 'grown ups' only. But I am allowed to use lip balm. So I think this will work well with tweens and high schoolers. Especially if your school prohibits using lipstick, you can always say that you are using a lip balm, (a tinted lip balm for that matter). Just make sure to use the color nearest to your natural lip color though, lol. Or else you'll get caught for not following your school policy. I also suggest this to people who are afraid trying on 'mother' lipstick. Its moisturizing capability is amazing. It is not that greasy which will make you look like you smothered your lips a handful of lechon. Great for everyday wear.

I am actually thinking of gifting this to my fifteen year old cousin on her birthday. She is also not allowed to use lipstick yet (but she REALLY wants to try). We have the same high school.

How about you? Any lipbalm suggestion?

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