Thursday, 26 July 2012

Out on a Weekend

Wings and rings plate
I think this one is called Baked Italian Sausage Penne (or something like that)
strawberry supershake

As you have known, I am not the type who will go out on a weekend not unless I need to (like going to church or grocery). It gives me a lethargic feeling, which I am trying to overcome. This weekend I went on an eating spree! I was really craving for some waffles but we can't find any shop that has mango waffles so we went to our local Shakey's instead. I ordered strawberry milkshake which is my ultimate favorite. I also tried this Baked Italian Sausage Penne ( I always order spaghetti since it's the safest), umm..not bad. It is just a bit oily for my liking.We also ordered Wings and Rings Plate which I think has the bestest buffalo wings I've ever tasted!
I know I don't eat healthy. I eat chocolate in wild abandon or gorge myself with french fries. But on the other hand, I am trying to increase my healthy food intake (like veggies and fish). I know this will not compensate for  eating the 'bad' food. But I really can't help it. I don't know if ever I survive a day without eating chocolate.
And lastly, I wish my weight will increase and will pass 45kg. Bless me!!!!

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