Monday, 16 July 2012

Galaxy Nails

I keep my nails polish-free most of the time but this glittery polish from the Korean brand TheFaceShop  was so hard to resist. And I know I have to buy one. Imagine: stars or jewels on your nails! I dreamed of fetching stars when I was a kid and I think doing this somehow made my dreams come true (hehe).  I was a bit experimental so applied it over a black polish. 

Black polish from Caronia and Glitter polish from TheFaceShop
Sorry for the smudges = (
The glitters come in different shapes and sizes. I applied two coats of glitter polish over a black nail polish but you can apply more coats depending on your desired outcome. This was also applied on short nails since I don't grow my nails long. If I have long nails, I might try doing a French tip style manicure and I'll try to use cosmetic glitter (for more glittery effect) instead. Actually I've tried it already over a platinum nail polish but the effect was not that apparent.  I like the effect more on black. It looks like stars on a summer night! 

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