Monday, 25 June 2012

Movie Mania: 3 Idiots

Aal izz well!!! (That's 'All is well')

I've been introduced to this Bollywood movie '3 Idiots' and I've been hooked since then. I have a last song syndrome with the song. I checked it in the internet and I found out that it was the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time! And I think I was in in high school (or was it college world history) when we were told that Bollywood make more movies than Hollywood does. It's like selling hotcakes to me!

I got this photo from google
3 Idiots is a movie about these three engineering students Fahran, Raju and Rancho. Fahran's future to be an engineer was set up even before he was born but he really wants to be a wildlife photographer. Raju was pressured to excel since since his family rely on him to get them out of poverty. While on the other hand, Rancho is a student full of mischief who has passion for machines who doesn't believe in the old pedagogical method of education. Also to him: strive for excellence and success will follow you. Other characters include Virus, the school's director; Pia, Virus' medical student daughter or Miss Idiot and my favorite Chatur, a studious and forever teacher's pet.

I love the song and dance portion which I think a constant staple of a Bollywood film, a trademark maybe? This is my favorite:

It is a very good movie. It's light and feel-good, my kind of movie. I don't want this blog post as a movie review type of thing or sorta reflection. Just watch it and see for yourself. Check it in youtube (make sure to watch the one with subtitles though). Or you can download it on the web. Happy watching. Two thumbs up!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Facebook Email

How many of you got facebook account? How about an email account? I was browsing my account info (check About) and I noticed I've got a facebook email!!! It sounds cool to me. Why?

Almost every transactions now are done via social networking sites, emails and eshops over the web. If you don't have an access to your email (or facebook) it is either you still make use of your snail mail or connect via phonecalls (if you're rich enough to afford load for your celphone).

(photo source)
If you have facebook, you should know that you're sharing a piece of you in public. I used a personal email the first time I signed up with facebook. That was also the same email I used as a contact info when I was still a student. Not a good idea. People will ask for your email to add you as a facebook friend (since email search is more accurate). 

Good thing facebook email was invented. It sounds cool to me because if you're hesitant to use your personal and work email due to privacy purposes, you can give them your facebook email as an alternative.  But don't ever use it as a professional or work email. Don't use a username like sweetsexybiatch. People will not find you serious enough for your job.Also you can try to use a different email for social networking and the one you use for work and professional purposes. You can sign up in Google, it's free. *wink. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I've been neglecting my house duties these past few days. I know I've been too busy and too lazy to focus on house chores. So forgetful! Everything's piled up and I don't know where to start. Good thing about it is I never ran out of paper and pen.Thank you god of paper and pen!

A very cute post it from weheartit
I started writing my 'Things to do' list.

  • laundry
  • clean the bathroom
  • grocery
  • change bed sheets
and so on.. it's like that. Plain and simple. I used to put notes in my phone but writing notes in paper is more effective in my case. It makes me less forgetful. When I was in college I used to have this mini organizer where I put all my exam schedules, project lists and deadlines. I also plan and write the things I need to buy in the grocery or supermarket to save money. I remember bringing P500 to buy a hair conditioner and a dishwashing liquid which will cost less than P200 but I ended up splurging the whole P500 due to unnecessary and unplanned purchases.

As of this moment I write all my 'Things to do' list in my Starbucks planner which I rarely use (previously). You can use the loose sheets of paper from your old school notebooks or the clean blank pages of your old exam papers and secure them all using a stapler or ribbon or whatever you fancy and you're good to go!

Disclaimer: I am not against writing notes using your phone. Go whatever you're comfortable using with, whether it's a paper or a phone. =D