Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo Blog...

My monthly red boyfriend is currently visiting me so my mind can't function well. So I'll just post some random photos I got from my cam (and facebook.hehe)

Drumroll please....

Manong's staring...creepy.hehe. Maybe he wants extra iced

My brother, Marck. Ubos nya lahat!!! Kawawa ang Max's sa kanya.hehe

OMAYGAD!!!!!! My Auntie Pearl's addiction. I super miss this. It's located in elbi, dema area. I think this whole lot costs less than P500, with two large iced tea included!! I love their quesadillas!

Marck again with my niece Zera. Isn't she adorable?

Lastly, swimming with the girlies..morning shot so we looked sleepy..haha.

This is all for now. MWAH!!!

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