Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo Blog...

My monthly red boyfriend is currently visiting me so my mind can't function well. So I'll just post some random photos I got from my cam (and facebook.hehe)

Drumroll please....

Manong's staring...creepy.hehe. Maybe he wants extra iced

My brother, Marck. Ubos nya lahat!!! Kawawa ang Max's sa kanya.hehe

OMAYGAD!!!!!! My Auntie Pearl's addiction. I super miss this. It's located in elbi, dema area. I think this whole lot costs less than P500, with two large iced tea included!! I love their quesadillas!

Marck again with my niece Zera. Isn't she adorable?

Lastly, swimming with the girlies..morning shot so we looked sleepy..haha.

This is all for now. MWAH!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Tale Of An Old Diary

I am a very opinionated person (read my profile) but when it comes to something personal I am always tight-lipped about it. Even though I am surrounded with best friends, most of the time I can't bring myself to talk to them about personal sensitive topics. I could be very frank about myself and tell them my own misfits but I could never ever tell them EVERYTHING.

That's why I got myself a diary when I was thirteen.

photo from Google Images

The first one was pink with a lock. It is also rose scented (now it smells ancient.haha). I wrote there for three long years. It brings back the first three years of high school. Good old days. It's  very 'cheery' diary. The entries were mostly about my crush-es. Every entry's the same. The only difference was the place and date where I saw my crush. During that time having a crush was a BIG DEAL. So can't tell anyone!!!

My second diary was blue with lock again. Entries were about  my last year in high school and some snippets of college. It's more angst-y and dark. It's very different compared with the first one. I was so angry at that time. And I didn't even know what's I'm so angry about. But I know during that time, I feel like I was trapped in expired sardines' can ready to explode. It seemed like everything is under control, so much in control and I can't breathe.

After that, I got a simple notebook as a journal but I no longer write in  a regular basis kind of thing. I think I outgrew writing in a diary or maybe I found someone that I can really talk to. But I never get tired reading my old diaries. No matter how stupid some entries are, I know that WAS me. I never forget to reflect back.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Avengers Take Two!!!!


I've read that Avenger's got a lot of positive reviews. Almost everyone's so hyped about it. That's why I don't understand why I fell asleep while watching it. It is actually not my go-to movie but I decided to watch it again this weekend or if I have time.