Friday, 13 April 2012

Welcome to Blogger..AGAIN!!!

Hi this is me Hjamnette..AGAIN!!

As you can see this is my second blogspot account. I forgot my email password for my first blog that I signed up last 2010 so I decided to create a new one.
So much for that. Anyway, my name is Hjamnette,, as my blog title says. I'll be posting daily randoms.
I'm twenty-something trapped in a fourteen year-old's body.
I love books and currently obsessed with reading beauty blogs. I also watch make up videos in youtube. I don't know how to apply make up but it got me hooked!!! Human face is a really good canvass of art. 
I'm also not the outdoorsy kind of person.. A typical homebody,though going out once in while won't hurt. Yes, I know I'm quite a bore.
I love photography but I'm poor when it comes to taking photos. I own a camera but it is always absent everytime I need it. 
To set your expectations, most of the time my idea of things is quite shallow.I'm a thinker but I hate to complicate things.  

Too much blah blahs... WELCOME to my world...
Hjamnette shares her day....

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