Friday, 27 April 2012


It was my aunt's family's last day in the Philippines, so we planned to have a small get-together the night before they left for Canada. I know it will take years before I meet them again. I wasn't able to join the whole family reunion fiasco during holy week because I still have to work (arrggh!).

I met up with with my cousin Nica and both of us were confused about directions so we just trusted our instincts and our power to ask. During dinner, my titos and titas decided to eat in Savory. First here are the pictures I took: 

These are the food we ate. Yummy, eh??

And here we are, feasting over the food. BAD MOVE!!!

The next day I woke up at 5AM having  a bad tummy. The situation worsen after I ate my breakfast. I thought I was the only one experiencing it but five of my cousins were also having number twos!! And that was before breakfast! My cousin Kevin was quite anxious since he will be leaving in the next couple of hours. I was really dehydrated and afraid to eat anything since I'm afraid I might go to the CR again.

HEY SAVORY FATIMA BRANCH!!!! I don't know how you prepared the food but that was FOOD POISONING!!! Most probably the food wasn't cook well or the staff used their dirty hands during preparation. And because of that BAD EXPERIENCE, I will never ever eat in Savory again.  Thanks God there's Lomotil!

Then we proceed to the airport. It's quite saddening on my part because my cousins that I grew up with were leaving again. I used to spend my summer vacations with them and now we need to count years before we meet again. If only plane tickets cost cheap!!!

Here are some brekky/airport snapshots...

Till we meet again....

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