Monday, 30 April 2012

I Can't Live Without Alcohol read it right. But it's not what you think it is. I super rarely drink alcoholic beverages. I'm not being a hypocrite here. I hate the feeling of getting dizzy and getting a hang over the morning after. I easily get drunk and I don't want to embarrass myself by not being responsible of what I'm doing. I hate it when drunk people are no longer out of control!!! And drunk people have this stinky smell..eww,just thinking of it gives me cringes..

I'm talking about the other alcohol.. The antiseptic/disinfectant one. In my case, I'm using isopropyl alcohol (not the spray one) from Green Cross. It is available in different concentrations. And it has moisturizers! You can choose other brands from the nearest grocery or drug store near you.

photo from Google Images

I can't survive a day without an alcohol in my bag. I know there are gel sanitizers readily available in different smell and packaging but I never liked them. Yes, some smells fantastic (though most are overwhelming) and claims to kill 99.99% of germs but it feels so sticky in my hands.

I am not germaphobic but I know door handles, elevator buttons and public restrooms contain gazillion of germs. During grade school we were thought that handshakes can transfer viruses and might get you infected. And you'll never know what they touched before shaking your hands! I imagine my hands look like the one in Safeguard commercial. I may sound crazy (and maarte) but getting infected (and sick) is the last thing on my mind.

Carrying a small bottle won't hurt. Any sanitizers will do actually.  Soap and water are not there always to 'protect' you. My point is, there are a lot of diseases carried and transferred by hand and extra precaution will take a mile.

Friday, 27 April 2012


It was my aunt's family's last day in the Philippines, so we planned to have a small get-together the night before they left for Canada. I know it will take years before I meet them again. I wasn't able to join the whole family reunion fiasco during holy week because I still have to work (arrggh!).

I met up with with my cousin Nica and both of us were confused about directions so we just trusted our instincts and our power to ask. During dinner, my titos and titas decided to eat in Savory. First here are the pictures I took: 

These are the food we ate. Yummy, eh??

And here we are, feasting over the food. BAD MOVE!!!

The next day I woke up at 5AM having  a bad tummy. The situation worsen after I ate my breakfast. I thought I was the only one experiencing it but five of my cousins were also having number twos!! And that was before breakfast! My cousin Kevin was quite anxious since he will be leaving in the next couple of hours. I was really dehydrated and afraid to eat anything since I'm afraid I might go to the CR again.

HEY SAVORY FATIMA BRANCH!!!! I don't know how you prepared the food but that was FOOD POISONING!!! Most probably the food wasn't cook well or the staff used their dirty hands during preparation. And because of that BAD EXPERIENCE, I will never ever eat in Savory again.  Thanks God there's Lomotil!

Then we proceed to the airport. It's quite saddening on my part because my cousins that I grew up with were leaving again. I used to spend my summer vacations with them and now we need to count years before we meet again. If only plane tickets cost cheap!!!

Here are some brekky/airport snapshots...

Till we meet again....

Summer of 2012

I hated Holy Week when I was in grade school. Why? It means no cartoon channels, stores were mostly closed, and most of my friends were out for their summer vacation.

But on the other side of it, it also means visits from long awaited cousins, trip to the beach and family reunions. It is also summertime which means less rain and more playtime. Yes, that was grade school.

High school came and I became less outdoorsy. I spent most of my time at home watching tv and endlessly browsing books and mags. College came and it's worse.. I spent it attending summer classes.

I consider Holy Week 2012 a not so memorable one. Though I got the chance to go back home and spent time with my family, I wasn't able to attend our annual family reunion (since I still got a work  commitments during that time).

But here are the photos I've taken. I forgot to bring my cam's batteries so I used my phone cam instead.
Ihaw ihaw.....
keds and tides...
Waiting for the sunset...
Rocks by the beach..coral dance at the edge..
Thumbs up for the sunset....

How about you? How's your summer?


Friday, 13 April 2012

Welcome to Blogger..AGAIN!!!

Hi this is me Hjamnette..AGAIN!!

As you can see this is my second blogspot account. I forgot my email password for my first blog that I signed up last 2010 so I decided to create a new one.
So much for that. Anyway, my name is Hjamnette,, as my blog title says. I'll be posting daily randoms.
I'm twenty-something trapped in a fourteen year-old's body.
I love books and currently obsessed with reading beauty blogs. I also watch make up videos in youtube. I don't know how to apply make up but it got me hooked!!! Human face is a really good canvass of art. 
I'm also not the outdoorsy kind of person.. A typical homebody,though going out once in while won't hurt. Yes, I know I'm quite a bore.
I love photography but I'm poor when it comes to taking photos. I own a camera but it is always absent everytime I need it. 
To set your expectations, most of the time my idea of things is quite shallow.I'm a thinker but I hate to complicate things.  

Too much blah blahs... WELCOME to my world...
Hjamnette shares her day....