Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Favorite Blogs

Hi everyone...

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, browsing blogs is one of my favorite thing to do here in the net. My top picks are beauty and fashion blogs. I love to look at the OOTD's and cosmetic photos. For me, it's relieving and therapeutic(?). Here are my top favorite blogs in no particular order:

Tricia Will Go Places
Tricia is a fashion blogger from the Philippines. I love her gyaru-esque make up and her mode fashion which is cool but not over the top, something you can wear everyday. Her photography is awesome! She also replies to your comment (another cool points!).

She's a UK blogger and also a youtuber. I love the way she review beauty products. She's also a great photographer. Her blog tackles lifestyle and beauty. I would like to copy her hair style but no to avail! I'll just leave it down to her and I'll just have a feast looking on her blog.

Lips So Facto
Another UK beauty blogger! Her name is Meg. I love the way she writes her posts. I love her black and white blog template which in my opinion is more professional looking and won't sore your eyes. She's also one of those I first followed via GFC. 

Couture Girl
Kayleigh is also from the UK (it seems that I happen to like UK beauty bloggers!). She's a great product reviewer and I love the way she take photos. She also writes A LOT on her blog post.

How about you? Please share your favorite blogs and link back to this post so I would know. Good luck!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie

When it comes to movies, I like watching anything assassin-related. Two of my favorite movies of all time are So Close and Naked Weapon. I was ecstatic upon hearing the news (which was a month ago) that the live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin will be shown here in the Philippines. It's about a former skilled assassin named Kenshin Himura who pledged not to kill anymore.

I am not really  fan of the manga nor the anime series (Samurai X) but since my brothers used to watch the series frequently after school, I have no choice but to watch as well since we only have one TV. I am not even familiar with the characters except for Kenshin and Kauro. But the movie excites every nerve in my body knowing the fact that it involves assassins!

Here are some images I got from Google, these are not mine.

Overall, the movie was awesome, though the fight scenes that include blood was gruesome. It's an assassin movie but it's light compared to other movies that include killings and blood which are a way too obscene. Most often than not, I fall asleep while watching movies, but I wasn't bored with this one. Even though I know 20% of the plot, I am still thrilled waiting of what will happen next. I am not a movie critic, please check  IMDb and Google for more ratings and movie reviews.

Hopefully this movie is available in your country if you happen to be not from the Philippines or Japan. And hopefully you'll like it as much as I do.

 P.S. Kenshin Himura, err, the actor in the movie is an eye candy!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Etude House Sweet Seven Way Buffer

Hi! I'm back on track!

Aside from books and lipstick, I'm addicted to anything nail related. I recently get hold of this super cute nail buffer from Etude House (I think EH need to sponsor me for forever mentioning the brand, just kidding!).  It's a seven-step(!) nail buffer that you can use if you're a bit tired using that old flat nail file. This cutie is available in every Etude House outlet. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to  filing/buffing my nails but this cute nail buffer gave a new meaning to 'nail buffering'. 

Here it is:

As you can see, the step comes in different color each (which is in super gorgeous pastels!). So if you are too lazy to read which step is which, just memorize it according to its color. Every step has its own distinguishing texture for buffing. There are also different drawings in every step which I think will simply give a visual instruction and  explanation of each step. And since it's not the normal one-step nail file,  the result is far more better than the old school nail buffer, if you know what I mean. The first three steps  may be a bit harsh to your nails, but as soon as you finish, it will give you buffed shiny nails- a perfect canvass to your nail polish routine. The only thing I don't like is it's a bit big for a nail buffer. I'm used to the old flat nail file. But it's too hard to resist so I'm getting the hang of it.

But will I repurchase? Definitely!

Monday, 10 December 2012


dear blog....

sorry for not posting.i know saying i'm busy is not an excuse. but i promise to post anytime soon. i have a lot of post ideas in mind which i have already written on my journal so i wont forget.
i miss you and i miss publishing my shallow ideas. 


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Librarian....

During our kindergarten graduation, I mentioned that when I grow up, I want to be doctor. But as time passes, I realized that I no longer want to be a doctor not because I fear blood, but the dream of becoming one is no longer the dream it supposed to be. It's like losing your appetite on your favorite food and outgrowing your favorite red lipstick. 

But one of my childhood dream that was never forgotten is to become a librarian. I remember when I was thirteen, I was first year high school then, together with my two classmates, we were in-charged of cleaning the school library. I always procrastinate, reading some pages before getting into work. I know that my course in uni is too far from being one. But if it is your dream, you'll do anything to have that dream come into fruition. There's no need for me to get that librarian license: as long as have books, piles and piles of it, I can be a librarian in my own library!
photo source
I still and forever will, love BOOKS! Paperbound or hardbound. That's the sole reason why I want to be a librarian. In today's world, where everything is searchable in the world wide web, I still prefer having my good reads the old fashion way. I don't like ebooks (Kindle will hate me!). I am not being a hypocrite. I still search in the internet, it's fast and there's no need for me check the card catalogue section in the library. 
photo source
I love the smell of books and flipping through its pages. I remember the first non-academic book I purchased, it was Anne Frank: A Diary of a Young Girl. And it will remain a forever favorite. My choice of books is never-ending. Sometimes, I would prefer classics and academic-based, sometimes I pick up Kinsella's and self-help books. I believe in the power of knowledge. One of my professor once quoted that a pretty face will bring you the first 20% of your destination, the fulfillment and the 80% depends on your will and your head. He encouraged us to read and read and read.

For the mean time, my books (and magazines) are stored inside and on top of my cabinet. I am frequently on the move, so I still have no plans of buying a 'real' book case or ,ehem, a floor to ceiling book shelf. But soon, I'll have my own library!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cam Whoring Smile (Teeth or Without Teeth?)

Do you love to cam whore but you don't know whether you'll show your teeth or not when you smile in front of the camera? For others, they might find this shallow but if you like intagram and facebook and you love posting your pictures, this post (I think) will help you solve your cam whoring dilemma.
This is my with and without teeth smile insta photo:

Smile with your teeth showing if you have a perfect set or your teeth looks good on you. If you have braces  and you're comfortable showing it, go ahead. It's still up to you. BUT if you have plaque infested teeth, forget it. It will just make you look stupid. Everytime I smile with teeth, I move my face  (which I purposely didn't do in the picture)  slightly sideways so that my round-Judy Ann-face is not that obvious. Yes, smiling with teeth makes my face wider. But you need to smile with teeth whether you're wide-faced or not if you want to have a light and happy ambiance in your picture. You also need to stick your tongue at the back of your teeth so that your smile looks natural.

On the other hand, you can opt the 'toothless-slightly-smiling' look  if you want to portray that mysterious Mona Lisa smile and you want to have the world guess what's going on in your mind or if you want to look shy or timid in your photo. You can smile without showing your teeth if you're not comfortable showing it or you want it to be your trademark. I site one of my favorite blogger Tricia Gosingtian for her no-teeth trademark smile (but you can still see her smile with teeth in some of her photos). Try not to do that Olsen smile (I call it duck smile), it looks FAKE. It only looks good on Mary-Kate and Ashley and it's their trademark. NOT YOURS. You can also try Tyra Bank's technique of smizing: smiling with your eyes.

The key on how to get that perfect smile in your photos is PRACTICE. Utilize that digital camera of yours! And even though smiling with teeth looks perfectly good on you but you're not comfortable doing it, you can either practice, practice and practice and get used to it or you can opt not to smile with teeth in your cam whoring pic forever. It's still up to you. Go with whatever makes you comfortable!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

NOTD (Nail Art)

A picture of my nail art of the day. Sorry for the crappy photo. From left to right: 

Red flowers/vine in white background: Paint your nails using white nail polish. Using a toothpick or a small brush, draw a green vine across your nail. Dot some red and green polish randomly on the vine and you're finish. Apply top coat to protect nails. 

Sunset: This one is a bit tricky. Apply yellow polish on the upper part of your nail and red at the bottom. Using a sponge and a tweezer, dab an orange polish between the two colors. Draw an imaginary horizon and a coconut tree using a black nail polish. Dry for 5mins and apply top coat.

Snowballs at night: Paint your nails black. Draw snow using a toothpick or nail dotting tool and a white nail polish. 

Yellow-Striped Magenta Nail: Apply violet, magenta or burgundy nail polish. And paint yellow vertical/horizontal stripes using a striper brush.

Galaxy Nails in Red: Paint your nails red and top off with glittery nail polish.


Friday, 16 November 2012

I'm Not Thrilled With Breaking Dawn 2

Yes, you  read it right. 

The start was so boring and the ending was too cliche. I was nearly half-asleep during the first half. Then the ending, the fight was just Alice's precognition and not real. It's like you're reaching the climax : you were thrown at the edge of the cliff and you were stopped by  an unknown force one meter before you hit the ground (when you're expecting you'll hit it). Though I like KStew in Snow White, she looks like she's  forced to act in Breaking Dawn. 

Sorry Twilight fans, this is the last leg of the saga and  I am expecting too much. =(  

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Etude House | Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop

If you are having problems drying your freshly painted nails, Etude House is here to rescue you with its Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop. This is my very first quick dry solution so I am so excited owning it!

First off, the packaging is so cute! Actually it was the pink-white box that caught my attention and I was like 'Whatever's inside this box, I need to buy it!' Yes, I am that shallow. I am always victimized with beautiful and cute packaging. If you're in advertising and you want to sell your crappy product to me, bring on the cute packaging and there's an 80% probability that I'll buy your product. And upon opening the small box, I was like:  (O_O)

 'OH MY GADD!!! It's so effing cute!!!!

The glass bottle is so small (the height is almost the same as my pinky finger), enough to hold a 10ml quick dry solution. It comes with white rubber bulb and glass dropper. The bulb will help you 'drop' the solution in a precise manner into your nails. See where that arrow's pointed at? I know it's not that clear, but it's a stopper that gives you the right amount to apply.

The product is so effective. It dries my polish fast (it should be!). It also protects your nail polish from chipping. One thing that I don't like about the product is its lingering faint kerosene smell. Most people found this odorless but since I have strong olfactory perception, I can easily detect its smell. It can also be messy at times, you need to wipe the excess around your nails using wet wipes or tissue. It is also a bit expensive for a small 10ml bottle: PhP228.00. But  product effectiveness (and cuteness): 10/10.

Did you find this review helpful? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Please subscribe to this blog, all options at the sidebar. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(I might also post an individual swatches of my Etude House Nail Polish that I reviewed here.)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Dealing with Pushy Sales Assistants

photo source
Have you ever experienced shopping and sales assistants won't leave you alone? I mean they tail you all the time and you can no longer concentrate if you're going to buy the product or not. I know they are trying to be nice and polite to make a sale but sometimes, they are over the line and too pushy.

Last Saturday, I went to the nearest Department Store to buy a new bag (my old bag looks ratty and needs to resign). I was looking for a nice big yellow bag and there were two bags that caught my eye. They are of different brands so it means different sales assistants. I totally love both bags but the major deal breaker were the sales ladies. Sales Lady A kept on tailing me while I am checking the other designs. I said 'I'm OK' but she didn't seem to get that I don't want to be tailed at. She kept on saying 'Anu pong design? Ibang color po available.' I know the bags came in different colors and designs, there's a big sign on the shelf. On the other hand, Sales Lady B just smiled at me and told me to get her attention if I want to purchase the bag she's assigned to. Sales Lady B won!


Because I wasn't pressured and obligated to buy the bag. I don't know what's with pushy sales assistants but they make me feel that I am obliged  to buy the clothes or whatever I tested/tried. If they are a way TOO pushy and unbearable after telling them 'I am just looking..', I usually leave the shop/stall right away. I know it's rude but they also need to understand that they CAN'T make a sale if they are making customers uncomfortable. I know their job is hard but they also need to consider what their customers feel.

I know this is a bit one-sided, on a customer's point of view. But how do you deal with pushy sales assistants?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I'm a Vampire (Excuse me Bella!)

Inspired by vampires, and to commemorate Bram Stoker's 165th birthday, here's my Bella-esque photo: with alabaster skin, evil eyes/eyebags (sorry I don't like Cullens' eye color), and fangs. I wish I'm pro with photo shop so the effect is more flawless. I also used my profile picture as a template, for a

By the way, Breaking Dawn 2 will be shown 16th November, 2012 in theaters near you.

(A single entry for non-sense photo dump) 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Make You Love Me (US Cover) | Gamaliel, Audrey and Georgina

Another favorite. Not just a monthly favorite. I've been listening to this song for quite a few months now. The song was originally sung by US (check them on youtube) and this is covered by Gamaliel, Audrey and Georgina. Though I don't like the lyrics, hands down to the harmony. The best!

Gamaliel, Audrey and Georgina Tapiheru are Indonesian siblings who do awesome covers and mash ups in youtube. Mostly it's Gamaliel and Audrey. However, I like their songs more with Georgina on it. Check their Payphone cover (Maroon 5) which is awesometastic and click here to visit their youtube page.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

October Favorites

I mentioned on my previous post that I'll be doing monthly favorites. It will contain random products (food, book, anything!) that I love and frequently used on that particular month. Keeping on to my promise, here is my first entry to the monthly favorites:

1. Kitkat. I love chocolates but I last month, I have a serious addiction with Kitkat. I don't know but I certainly love anything chocolate-covered. It's bad, chocolate is bad but it makes me HAPPY! sigh..

2. Olay Natural White Day Cream. I have dry skin so I rarely get pimples. My only problem are the spots caused by sun rays. I've been using this for two weeks and the spots visibly lighten! It is non-drying (very good moisturizer!) and never left patchy parts on my skin. I'll buy the tube-sized one next time!

3. Sassy Nail Polish in Coffee Brown. My favorite nail polish of the month. I love wearing nude/tan nail polish and  this color is my absolute favorite! And it's cheap!

4. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. This used to be my least favorite among my three Revlon Balm Stains, you can see the full review here. I don't like wearing pink and reds on my lips last month so this came to the rescue.

5. Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express Superfilm. I love Maybelline mascaras and this one adds up volume to my sparse Asian lashes. It is smudge and tear proof but you can easily remove it with water and your favorite facial wash. No need to use heavy make up remover!

6. Sunsilk Strong and Long Conditioner. My ultimate solution for my hair fall. I started using this last month and hair breakage lessens after a week of using it! I've tried a lot of different brands and those didn't suit my hair type.

I know it's quite late but WELCOME NOVEMBER!!!!! 'Til next monthly favorite post...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Top 3 Scary Movies

It's Halloween!!!! I've read blogs and watched videos about Halloween make up and costumes and I'm so thrilled to try one of them and show it here on my blog. But the side of my brain that holds the creative and imaginative torch is currently on its hibernation phase just like some animals during the winter. So  I decided to share my three top scary movies instead. I've watched loads and I'm not the one who easily get scared but these three movies freaked the hell out of me. I will not discuss the story line (there's internet and youtube baby) but here it is in no particular order:

1. The Ring 

I like the Japanese version more than the American one. After watching the film, I can't bring myself to watch  the TV alone for a week. Sadako getting out of the TV screen is a nightmare!

2. Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara (1995)

I was in grade school the first time I watched this. The dollhouse scene with Dawn is the scariest part which I'm afraid to watch alone until now. And this is my favorite Halloween movie.

3.  Insidious

The sound effect is scary. The old lady is scary. The little boy is scary. Everything is scary! There's  a lot of hair-raising scene you can get a heart attack!

How about you? What are your favorite Halloween/scary movies?

All photos are from Google images.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Non-Sense Photo Dump x Kamay ni Hesus

Last Saturday, we went to Taytay Falls (it's in Laguna, near Majayjay I think). It was raining mad and I thought it won't stop. Fortunately, upon our arrival, the sun was already half-shining, too bad I forgot to bring swimming shorts so all I can do was dip my feet (ankle-deep)  into the freaking cold water. Going to Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon was not on our plan, and that explains our outfit. hehe. It's actually along the way going back home.  Most of my photos were taken there. Here are the shots:

1. Souvenir necklaces from Taytay Falls.

2. Group shot before entering the shrine.

3. Bahay Kubo

4. Noah's Arc/ playground at the foot of the shrine.

5.  Souvenir shot of Noah's Arc.

6. Adam and Eve.

7. Last Supper

8. View from the top. pt1

9. View from the the top. pt2.

10. Comic group shot

11. View from the top. pt.3

 12. Calvary

13. Group shot. Finally reached the 'summit'.

12. View from the top. pt.4

13. View from the foot of the shrine.

14. The sun still half-shining.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Advice For My Teenage Self

I watched a video on Youtube about this 'Advice For My Teenage Self' tag and I found it cool so I decided to make a post out of it. It is divided into three parts: 3 beauty/fashion DO's, 3 beauty/fashion DON'Ts, and tips regarding school, fun and friends. 

An ice cream before we start:


3 Beauty/Fashion Do's:
  • Sleep. Get more sleep. PLEASE. I blame myself for not getting enough even though I knew SLEEP will help me grow taller. Arrggh!!!
  • Try to wear socks after putting emollients on your legs. It will help in sealing moisture.
  • Wear clothes that suit your age. You're not yet thirty honey.
3 Beauty/Fashion Don'ts:
  • Dispose that eye liner. It's not cool. That emo-look sucks on you teenage Hjamnette. Trust me.
  • Stay away from the sun. Too much sun exposure causes pre-mature aging and skin cancer. Trust mom and listen to her. 
  • Throw away that flared elePANTS. Burn them.PLEASE.
TIPS: School
  • Take BS Development Communication as your course in college. Math is your waterloo as well as Chemistry so don't take Food Technology. 
  • Never cram. It will never help during exams. 
  • Instead of taking Business/Basic Computer in high school's Technology and Home Economics class, take Dressmaking or Culinary Arts. It will be more helpful ten years from now.

TIPS: Fun and Friends

  • Don't be afraid to try new things. Get out of your comfort zone without sacrificing your morals. You're too uptight.
  • Be more assertive on choosing FRIENDS (acquaintance is different from a friend fyi). Not all of them are as good as you think. Learn who to trust. Two-thirds of them will betray and hurt you.
  • Smile more often. It doesn't cost you a penny. Besides it adds beauty. chos! 
I have a lot of advice to my teenage self actually but listed above are just the major things I would tell her. I wish there's a time machine which will help me go back in time and give these advice (as well as the rest in my head) to the teenage me. I've done a lot of mistakes but it helped me for who I am today. Teenage life gave me the worst and best experience in life. It's totally unforgettable and unforgivable at the same time. xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Strangers, again (NOT!)

This has been sitting on my blog draft for quite sometime now and I still think whether I'll share it or not. But here it is...

I recently watched this video from Wong Fu Productions called 'Strangers, again'. Basically it's about relationship-gone-sour lifecycle. I think this was made based on a male's point of view. I will not talk about break up though, more of how NOT to end up in 'Break Up' stage. I need to give this disclaimer that what is written here is entirely my own opinion. I will not drop names and I will talk on 'general' matter, if you know what I mean. I also need to advise you that some topics that I'm going to discuss (classroom,eh?) might be a little bit offending so please leave if the topic is not your egg.

If you watched the video you'll know that it has seven stages. First stage: Meeting, where love-at-first sight happens. If your are friends with him/her for years, it doesn't count. Stage 1 is the discovery of the 'feeling'.  My favorite is stage 2: The Chase. Yes, I like it more than 'honeymoon' because it is the getting to know stage and you have all the kilig. You get all excited every time you receive a text from him/her and gets disappointed if the text you received is a GM or from Globe. Since this is also the getting to know stage, we all know that guys put their BESTest foot forward to impress the girl, not my cup of tea actually but quite a 'humbling' experience (please read the sarcasm) if you know the guy makes all the effort to make you his girl. And us girls do all the pagpapaganda (beauty thy self).

And then there's the TOLERANCE and DOWNHILL stage. Why do most couples end at this stage and BREAK UP?

A lot of couples expect too much from their partner (from this point on, partner means the other half, it doesn't mean they need to be sexually involved). This is somewhere during the honeymoon phase. Don't expect your partner to be that someone you knew from 'the chase' stage. Too much expectation as we all know leads to disappointment. Remember this is no longer stage 2. That's why you need to be honest with your partner all the time and as early as possible.If you want to maintain the excitement of The Chase stage, do what you're doing before. Out of the blue, send a text saying you love him/her. Never pass a day without saying 'I love you'. You can also give your partner a surprise letter or a simple take out or pasalubong. It doesn't have to be expensive. Sounds cheesy but it's the thought that counts.

Respecting each other's opinion is very important. Sometimes you may oppose to what your partner is saying, but hear it out first. Never ever cut him/her off. You don't want to be trapped in that kind of relationship, like an expired can of sardines ready to explode any time. Communication is one of the key in every relationship. You have to tell your partner what you want and what you don't want and respect what he/she has to tell as well. It's NOT all about you. It takes two to tango.

Being in a relationship is not all sugar and smiles. Sacrifice, I think, makes 50% of the relationship since again, it's not all about you. I know if you think he/she is your dream guy/girl (of course,you'll not enter in a relationship if he/she is not) or THE ONE, you'll do what it takes to make it last forever. I am not pro when it comes to relationship and stuff , but this is what I think will help to make it work and lasts. Spread the love. Good luck!!!

P.S. Happy 65th month love...xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Nail Art Stickers

I want to try some nail art recently but the problem is, I can't draw on my nails. I tried using an improvised nail dotting tool like toothpick and pin head (since I don't own any of the real mojo) and it looks like a piece of abstract. Imagine drawings of a 2-year-old. Good thing I discovered these cute nail stickers from Vente,  a stall in the mall that sells anything around PhP20.    

These cute nail stickers are available in different varieties: flowers, butterflies, sun and stars. The stickers are kind of 3D. It is embossed with small glitters.  You can stick it on bare nails or on top of your favorite nail polish. I suggest putting a clear top coat to protect the sticker as well as your nails. It is easy to use. No need to cut the sticker, all you have to do is peel off carefully using a tweezer and stick it right away. 

My favorite is the one at the middle. How about you, have you tried any nail art lately?


Non-Sense Photo Dump

From now on, I'll post 5-10 wala lang photos under 'Non-Sense Photo Dump' rather than 'Photo Blog'. Non-sense because I'm no pro (but I'm trying my best to have my photos 'in-focus', 'sharp' and 'crisp'). These were taken using a simple digital camera. This kind of post will be weekly or twice a month if I am busy.

Aside from that I'll start posting monthly favorites (a book, movie or anything) every end of the month. 

Without further ado here it is. Enjoy!

1. Gloomy weather... 

2. And then, there's the sun. Sunshine cloudy day!!!

3.  Pastel nails and a nail sticker

4. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Swatches

5. Dinner with friends (angas pose with Jaffer)

6. An old typewriter from EK.

7. Wild ride at EK.

8. And lastly, my squishy face.

These photos are all mine. Please seek permission before use and kindly use attribution (and link back here).